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Brixton Stories are five short films that take a fresh and intimate look at the multicultural London-borough of Brixton, drawing you into a world that is colourful,  astonishing and tender    

Following Arts Alliance Productions' direct and indirect involvement in the production, distribution and exhibition of numerous films, we always question how relevant the films  shown really are to local audiences.

Occasionally, stories are universal. More often, however, they seem remote and disconnected from issues and questions that preoccupy a local audience. Combined with a recent consolidation of the local press, we have seen an erosion of local publishers, editors, writers and the custodians of local voices. However, with the introduction of digital filmmaking, new opportunities for low-cost high quality productions enabled people with something to say to make films. As we now find ourselves at the beginning of the digital exhibition revolution, these films will have access to new and larger audiences.

It was essential for Arts Alliance to experiment with the aesthetic ambitions and development of local filmmakers, while co-existing with the commercial reality of running cinemas. Hence, we chose to produce three-minute portraits of people in Brixton, made by Brixtonians themselves.

It was only natural for us to seek out the Brixton based award winning (BAFTA, EMMY) Insight News Television Ltd. as our production-partner in the project, because of their exceptional ability to work with filmmakers portraying people and their environments. The original soundtrack is by Brixton musicians RPI Productions.

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